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Chamber Director Larelle Michener, Monica Nemier, Mayor Randy Taylor, Miss Prosser Princess Jasmine Salguero, Miss Prosser Emma Anaya and Princess Ali Cox cut the ribbon at TRT Printed. The business opened earlier this month at 1120 Meade Ave.
New Prosser business
#“We have enough big ideas for one year,” Larelle Michener said of her new role. “For the first year, I'll be getting my feet under me. Then we can think about improvements.” #After four weeks on the job, Michener said she's to enjoying the work. #“I ...
New chamber executive preparing for anniversary
[Portrait] Frédéric Larelle échauffe la Féminine. [Portrait] Frédéric Larelle échauffe la Féminine Frédérique Larelle : "Quand physiquement les gens sont bien encadrés, ils peuvent aller loin." L.F.. 0. Par Laurence Fleury, publié le 2 novembre 2015 .
[Portrait] Frédéric <b>Larelle</b> échauffe la Féminine
QuailH-LARELLE-MILLER Larelle MillerMiller said the company cut back on planted acreage in some areas and “aggressively went after additional ground where water was available. We grow and pack conventional and organic orange, red, white and ...
A Toledo man was seriously injured when a motorcycle he was driving and a sport-utility vehicle collided in South Toledo early today, authorities said. Larelle Mack, 31, who was wearing a helmet, was taken to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center with a ...
Quail H Farms' Larelle Miller and JMB's Dan Miller show off product prototypes resulting from new automatic bagging equipment installed in April. "This allows us the opportunity for a multitude of options on film and opens the door for private label ...
UPDATED: West Coast Produce Expo new product showcase #1
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Laias Caldaria Laias Caldaria
Carretera Nacional 120 Km 585.8
32459 Laias
Pazo de Bentraces Pazo de Bentraces
Pazo de Bentraces, s/n
32890 Bentrances
Pazo San Damián Pazo San Damián
Abruciños, 48
32171 Amoeiro