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I was involved in our family car business in the UK for nearly 35 years, but fortunately I managed to sell it in 2008, just before the recession started. I didn't really have much interest in the motor trade, but my father died in 1980 and I took over ...
Graham Perolls, Hospices of Hope founder: From the family&#39;s <b>car business</b> in UK <b>...</b>
Red China Aims to Expand into Self-Driving Car Business. > Brenda Walker April 26, 2016, 10:58 am. A+ | a-. Print Friendly. Warning. Oops! Please log in to use this feature. The ChiCom business sector intends to be a world leader in the coming self ...
Red China Aims to Expand into Self-Driving <b>Car Business</b>
Description: Many different stories, each involving a great automobile (or automobiles) and the trouble the vehicle(s) caused the author, a self-described 'gearhead' who tried to turn his passion into a business, and failed — miserably! Possessing far ...
But interestingly, SMRT announced a few days ago that it has launched a private hire car business in Singapore and had entered into an “exclusive one-year partnership with ride-booking plaform GrabCar.” This move might cannibalize SMRT's taxi business, ...
Why Has SMRT Corporation Ltd Entered The Private Hire <b>Car Business</b>?
Canadian auto-parts giant Manga International Inc. is reportedly in advanced talks with Apple Inc. to build its long-rumoured Apple Car. German newspaper Handelsblatt reported Wednesday that both BMW AG and Daimler AG have ended talks with Apple ...
Magna International Inc front-runner to win long-rumoured Apple <b>Car business</b> <b>...</b>
She got back into the car business with a job at ADESA in 2001, also working with some of its sister companies over the next few years. Moritz has been with what is now known as Cox Automotive since 2009. “When the market collapsed in 2008, I found ...
How ballet career sparked Moritz&#39;s <b>car biz</b> journey
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